Monday, October 22, 2012

TED talks and why they are awesome...

When Dr.Preston gave a link to the "filter bubbles" TED talk, I remembered a lovely video I watched around six months ago. I watched it today with Sarah Gutierrez and it was just as interesting as it was the first time I saw it. So I decided to share it. This video is about spoken word poetry and I understand that it may not be something that everyone is interested in. I feel that is about a lot more than just spoken word, it gives insight on different perspectives and it shows how people are connecting around the world, just like we are with all this blog shenanigans. The growing opportunities that technology provides makes it possible for a teacher to teach without a classroom. The internet and websites like Youtube and Blogspot are making it possible for us all to connect beyond the typical social media. Anyways, I think this video is awesome and I hope that somebody will actually watch it and maybe gain something from it?


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  1. A lot of stuff here. At first I was thinking "this is cool and all but I'm not that poetic so I cant relate much" and then she addresses that issue which was pretty unexpected.
    I like how all this relates to open source learning because every one is giving each other their stories (information)and the people listening (public) comes back and gives there feed back on what they've just been presented with.
    It seems like she defeated a lot of fears going on stage in front of everyone and she was able to be herself but still present her ideas in a unprofessional manner. Very cool.